Thursday 10 January 2013

"Problems caused by leaking gutters"

Unfortunately for most people who don't fully understand the importance of your houses defences ,against water and weather,out of sight is usually out of mind and this relates to your roof and guttering systems.Peoples roofs and gutters will sometimes leak ,drip water from joints for absolute years,I've even seen water pouring from peoples gutters and this is usually ignored until a much larger and more expensive problem arises.

A water tight roof and leak free gutters will direct water away from your walls and into the sewer system, causing you no problems to your property, and keeping everything inside nice and dry,providing your drains are free of cracks,(more on that later).

Put a bucket under a dripping tap,you'll be shocked how much water collects in 24 hours.

1)Roof:Old pointing(cement),that's starting to break down in your gullies , your gable ends and between your ridge tiles will allow water to penetrate your roof,usually its not spotted and water penetrates for years,causing your roof timbers to start to rot,if ignored will eventually cost you a new roof.

2)Gutters:Leaking gutters will cause a whole new set of problems,a wet patch on your walls or a hole on the ground ,if they've been leaking for years and water running down your walls will wash the cement out of the joints ,and sometimes cause the faces of the bricks to be blown off.
Over time water will permeate through your brickwork and into your house,and this will cause damp,mould spores to grow and mould is hazardous to your health. A young actress and her partner died 2 Christmas's ago,this was said to be caused by mould growing in their Beverly Hills mansion.
If this happens ,you'll have to have the plaster removed in affected areas and re plastered,and room re decorated,(not cheap for a small cheap to sort drip).http:/

"Why's my conservatory roof leaking."

 "Leaking conservatory Roof's are very common ."

Now I see a lot of conservatories in my travels,quite a few have signs of rubbish repairs ,silicone sealant all over the place and the home owners tell me the company who initially fitted the conservatory have made the repairs,this is the quick and easy option rather than remove the panels make sure they are well sealed can't move and replace,(should be done in the first place).

Now to me and some others a lot of this seems very obvious,then I'm looking at them most days and to many others it's just not their area. Now for me computers not my area I don't even know how to copy and paste , my mates 8 year old helps me .

There are many different styles of conservatories these days,new conservatories tend to have a  kind of lock off clip to prevent the panels from slipping down, many conservatories are prone to leaking problems especially if you have a pitched roof,(like your homes roof on an angle),in a lot of cases over time the glass or plastic panels will slip down due to weather,wind and gravity causing them to lose there water tight seal allowing water in , this will be the cause of leaks in most cases ,some installation teams might also be in a bit of a rush , rushing a job as everyone knows costs quality in the end .

Then you get some styles of conservatory who's gutters are not fixed on with brackets like your house easy to see(no brackets),if your conservatory gutters get blocked this will allow water levels in the gutters to get too high and in some cases allow water in between two of your roof panels if not properly fitted or seals start to perish (break down).

Conservatory gutters are very easily cleaned out and missing or broken end caps are usually a good sign that your panels have slipped or moved,you can also usually see a panel that's moved it wont be in line with the rest.

"How to clean all your uPVC for only £10."

How to clean your uPVC , gutters and fascia's yourself for only £10.

First and most important point,if your not confident and safe on ladders then get a professional to clear out and test your guttering system.
Then go to B+Q get a 5 meter extendible pole and a 5liter swarfega upvc cleaner,mix about 1 liter to a bucket of hot or cold water attach a soft screw in caravan cleaning brush to your pole dip it in the solution and start to wash your gutters and fascia boards.
Make sure you wear safety specs or preferably goggles, so as not to get any solution in your eyes,it burns.
Use plenty of cold water to rinse off the soap if you own a pressure washer that will be better for rinsing off.(Saves getting soaked)
To reach the higher gables you may need a ladder or steps,make sure you have someone holding them for you,best thing is your 5liter cleaning solution (swarfega) will last with conservatory maybe 5 washes ,5 years and save you hundreds of English pounds.

It'll only cost you a Tenner if you already own a bucket,screw-on brush and a set of decent ladders,oh and a long extendible decorators pole.(Very simple)

We can make it Nice-n-white for you, safely.