Monday 20 January 2014


http:/ properties in the U.K. still have wooden windows , doors , garage doors  and the worst to maintain wooden fascias and soffits which if you don't know are usually what your gutters are attached to and sometimes probably your Christmas lights, now properly functioning gutters are  vital along with your drains to your houses defences to the worst of the British weather they are what catch the water that comes off your roof and directs it away from your walls and foundations and direct it to the sewers.

Now if wooden windows,doors and fascia boards are not kept in a water tight state they'll allow water in allowing ROT to set in (WET ROT ),this happens due to the fact the water once in cant get out and rot begins.
I've actually seen windows that were never painted well in the first place and all the paints flaked off and they were ROT FREE only due to the fact they were south facing and with no paint its easy for the water to escape and the wood to dry out.

So to conclude well painted woodwork will be protected from the elements therefore preserve the wood and your gutters wont fall off because the wood has rotted and the screws have nothing to keep them in place,I'm not trying to scare you but maintenance is vital it will be far more expensive in the long run if you don't .


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