Sunday 9 February 2014

"My Home has Damp what can I do ,how can I fix it".

Leaking Gutters Cause Damp ,Gutter Cleaning Nottingham.

Older homes are far to prone to damp problems ,mainly due to the fact their gutters are at the roofline and for most people who's expertise is in other areas ,
so until the gutters overflow over the front door and everyone coming and going from the house gets wet every time it rains , or maybe the wallpaper in the lounge opposite an external facing wall with gutters above , or maybe they decide they no longer can stand the neighbours any more an have to move and the new buyers surveyor finds higher than average moisture readings on his moisture meter and to cover his own arse calls it rising damp .

Once You Have Rising Damp On a Survey .

There is not a lot you can do maybe find a decent knowledgeable person that is not trying to sell damp cures with 20 year guarantees to inspect your home identify your problem areas ,photograph the results ,repair the cause try to quickly dry out offending walls and get a new survey but this time make sure your man is available to meet the surveyor and walk him around your home , this way you can make sure they will not try to flag your home for DAMP again ,
this method works only too well I've done this with numerous damp homes and it's almost always poor maintenance that is the cause of the damp and very cheaply and easily put right , do not be afraid to challenge a surveyors report ,
they are not the police . Fix my damp please.

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