Thursday 1 December 2016

Gutters are on Every Single House and Building ,must be Important then.

Gutters are Extremely Valuable to all Buildings ,Home and Business .


Gutters are the one thing that every building domestic and business have in common in one form or other they play an extremely important role for the buildings well being , they channel water caught by the roof away from the walls and into the drainage system , this prevents the extremely destructive element causing any damage to the building , look at the Grand Canyon , these extremely deep gorges where carved out by water over millions of years .

Maintaining Peoples Homes and Businesses on a daily basis I see only to often the damage caused by water ,usually due to lack of maintenance and poorly fitted guttering systems , both are only to common in homes and businesses and until they start to have an effect on your day to day living these vital defences are not given a seconds thought, maybe the wallpaper keeps falling off in the corner of the room so we pay a decorator again to re decorate the room but first we try painting some special expensive stuff on the wall to try to prevent the effect happening again or a torrential down pore and your ware house gets flooded damaging tens of thousands of pounds of stock , insurance won't pay due to poor maintenance , heard it before ,rather than find the cause and repair it , wallpaper doesn't  fall off for no reason and damp does not come from nowhere , there is always a cause , usually poor or no maintenance is the cause , rather than saving you money it will cost you much more in the long run .

The Fact that Every Single Building in the World has some sort of Gutters means that they are Vital to Buildings Health.

Having a regular gutter/gulley cleaning regime is extremely important for there ability to function in times of prolonged rain or torrential equatorial type rain , happened to be working in it all day last Monday gives you some idea of how the buildings rainwater systems are working.
Gutters are one of the most neglected part of a building , the proof of this is a whole industry started to sell chemicals to mask the cause of water damage  , this is extremely costly and you'll still have blocked and overflowing gutters once you've paid them the many thousands of pounds . I have not once come across a damp home and the cause was some kind of underground water source , found a house with a bog for a garden and their cracked and blocked storm water drains was the cause , this problem they had for almost 20 years,

maintenance is vital to happy low cost stress free living , ignoring maintenance doesn't save you money , it cost's you .

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